The Leaf Grill and Wokery is owned and operated by the Johnk family. We have been in the catering business--serving delicious food for over 15 years!

Our family has always been about GOOD food!  We grind our own wheat, make our own breads, roasts our own coffee, eat fresh from the garden, etc.  We also want to serve REAL food -- all fresh ingredients made from scratch!

My name is Fritz Johnk, and I live in western Iowa with my wife Terri and son Gabe.   Our journey started in our farm kitchen --- well, and as I think about it, much before that!   Terri's father, "Poppa Gene", is from the deep south and he loves to cook--and not just for the family, but for the whole county! ...so actually, I think was in the "genes" even before Terri and I started cooking together on our farm!  ... and from our gatherings together over the years--well,  life takes you on a ride--literally! -- sometime we’ll have to sit over a tall iced-tea, and tell you the whole story--kind of crazy!

Hi! My name is Terri --the other main part of this equation!  I am originally a Carolina girl, and have been in Iowa for 30+ years raising a family, and working in our family businesses.  Hospitality and loving people through food seems to have always been a big part of our lives here---and this thread seems to be continuing!  Having recently sold our catering business, we are on to the next adventure--and we heard ya'll are hungry here in in the Midwest?!!

I am Gabe – the master chopper. I'm more of the behind-the-scenes guy. Come say "hi" and eat with us!